Private Election Remedies

The right of citizens to initiate, amend or repeal laws at the local level is guaranteed by the California Constitution. That right has been greatly expanded to address many areas of local regulation and LFAP’s election attorneys have been at the forefront of the movement.

Just about any regulatory measure that can be enacted by a local legislative body is subject to either a citizens’ initiative or referendum election. The topics include any rule or regulation within the jurisdiction of a local city council, board of Supervisors, or public district such as land use approvals, project approvals, taxation, public pension reform, and even the enactment of Charters defining the governance of cities.

LFAP’s attorneys have successfully guided citizen initiative elections in all of these areas. They have drafted the measures, counseled proponents in the process of gathering petition signatures, administered the election process, and defended the enforcement of the adopted measures. Such guidance has included compliance with election regulations, including those of the Fair Political Practices Commission.

Essential to the success of the initiative or referendum process is the assemblage of an experienced election team, including pollsters, political consultants, public relations consultants, and signature gatherers – something the LFAP attorneys have done from outset to conclusion.