Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Engaging litigation attorneys in the early stages of any dispute is essential to reducing risk, managing expense, and reaching a desirable result.  LFAP litigation attorneys recognize the strategic benefit of early resolution as well as determined advocacy.  Our attorneys work closely with our clients to achieve their desired outcome while keeping the client advised of the potential cost and risk.

Strategic Advocacy and Dispute Resolution  

LFAP litigators use knowledge of our client’s business, and the legal issues to assess the potential for early dispute resolution.  Early dispute resolution is almost always less costly than trial, however, an acceptable mediation result may not be attainable without simultaneously and aggressively commencing litigation.  Accordingly, strategic advocacy and the willingness to file a lawsuit is an important component to the ability to resolve a dispute without trial.

Filing the Lawsuit, Trial, and the Court of Appeal

LFAP litigators aggressively pursue all phases of litigation and trial.  Our litigation team works closely with our clients to assist them in understanding the variables of litigation, the potential for changing needs, and the potential for achieving the desired result.  Our litigation team continue representing our clients beyond trial though the court of appeals to protect or obtain the desired result.


Writs are filed to either compel a government entity to act or to abstain from acting.  They include challenges to legislative actions, elections proceedings, and actions to enforce constitutional rights. In the court of appeal, writs are used to challenge trial court decisions that are not otherwise appealable.  Unlike other types of civil actions, writs are filed in a short timeframe and require the establishment of an adequate record for bringing, or defending, the action.  Having both prosecuted and defended the various types of writs, LFAP attorneys can assist clients throughout the process: from establishing an administrative record to handling proceedings at the trial and higher court levels.

Related Practice Area Experience 

The LFAP litigation team litigates cases involving contract and business disputes, real estate and land use disputes, CEQA and environmental compliance, Mitigation Fee Act and Prop. 218 issues, professional liability, municipal code enforcement and tort defense, unlawful detainer, Americans with Disabilities Act defense, pension reform and elections law litigation, construction law, boundary and easement disputes, partnership disputes and employment law litigation.