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Eminent Domain/Inverse Condemnation

The Public Process
The attorneys at LFAP assist in project planning to ensure all affected rights are in focus at the start of the eminent domain process, and assist with plans to acquire such rights as efficiently as possible. LFAP advises on the procedural requirements, including the offer process, legislative body approvals and hearings, and litigation. They are adept at all aspects of statutory compliance; initiating the necessary proceedings; the varying valuation methods for real property interests; the valuation of loss of business goodwill; relocation expenses; immediate possession; and the components of pre-trial, trial and appellate work.

Condemnation cases generally turn on the determination of the value of the property being taken. Such valuation requires the specialized services of experts such as real estate appraisers, business valuation appraisers, relocation consultants, right-of-way agents, and engineers. LFAP attorneys will coordinate and guide these experts to obtain an optimal result, and have long-established relationships with the region’s experts in these areas.

The Courts
Although acquisitions can, and often do, conclude without the need for litigation, it is vital to be prepared for those occasions when unresolved disagreements make a judicial determination necessary. Such disagreements include the public entity’s right to take property, the value of the property itself, and the timing, method and substance of the acquisition. When necessary, the attorneys at LFAP are experienced in advancing and protecting these rights in the court.

Eminent domain – condemnation – is a highly technical area of law that presents unique challenges. The eminent domain attorneys at Lounsbery Ferguson Altona & Peak are specialists who can provide expert guidance to public sector clients. This assistance extends to defense against inverse condemnation claims.

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Practice Areas: Land Use Acquisition, Land Development, Municipal Law, Eminent Domain, Private Election Remedies


Practice Areas: Municipal Law; Eminent Domanin; Land Acquisition, Use and Development; CEQA/Environmental Compliance and Defense

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