CEQA/Environmental Compliance and Defense

In today’s environment, most large projects face opposition and none are approved without meticulous CEQA review. The cost and delay of an overly broad environmental review can kill a project, but an inadequate CEQA review will leave a public agency vulnerable and subject to challenge.

LFAP’s involvement in the preparation of CEQA document will limit a lead agency’s litigation risk.  During the CEQA process, LFAP attorneys will reconcile the goals of the project applicant, experts, consultants, and lead agency staff to ensure timely, but thorough documentation. LFAP will focus on making sure the environmental analysis and conclusion are legally sufficient and defensible, and will help draft responses to comments which are complete and objective, not deficient or conclusory.

Having served as counsel for both public agencies and private developers in the San Diego region, LFAP attorneys are experienced in the entire land use and development process. Our attorneys understand the local rules, perspectives, and culture that guide each city as a lead agency and decision-maker. We use that experience to knowledgably facilitate the creation of defensible entitlement documents in an expeditious and cost-effective manner. If challenges arise, LFAP’s litigation team will defend the documents and agency, both inside and outside the courtroom.