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Business Formation and Operation
In the realm of business formation and operation, our services encompass a comprehensive array of tasks vital to establishing and maintaining a successful enterprise. We specialize in guiding clients through the intricate process of business entity formations and registration, offering expertise in various structures such as corporations, partnerships, joint ventures, and limited liability companies. Furthermore, our support extends to ensuring robust business entity governance, which includes implementing board protocols, safeguarding records, and establishing effective management controls. We also provide invaluable assistance in navigating complex personnel practices, aiding businesses in achieving compliance with labor and personnel regulations. Additionally, our services cover matters pertaining to shareholder rights and actions, as well as addressing contract claims and disputes, facilitating the smooth operation of businesses across diverse sectors.

Business Transactions and Financing
In the realm of business transactions and financing, we offer comprehensive guidance tailored to the unique needs of each client. Our expertise encompasses a wide range of areas, including advising on secured loans and facilitating the foreclosure process in cases of loan default. We also specialize in securitizing business investments, facilitating commercial refinancing, and navigating the complexities of commercial mortgage-backed securities. With our strategic counsel and meticulous attention to detail, clients can confidently pursue their business objectives while mitigating risks and maximizing opportunities.

Land-based Transactions
Our firm provides expert guidance and representation in land-based transactions, ensuring clients navigate these complex matters with confidence and clarity. From negotiating purchase and sale agreements to resolving landlord-tenant lease disputes, we offer comprehensive support tailored to the unique needs of each client. Additionally, we specialize in handling unlawful detainer actions and addressing easement claims and disputes, including rights by prescription. With our seasoned expertise and commitment to excellence, clients can trust us to safeguard their interests and achieve favorable outcomes in land-based transactions.

Non-Profit and Community Association Formation and Operation
In the realm of non-profit and community association formation and operation, our firm offers specialized services designed to meet the unique needs of these organizations. We provide expert guidance in the formation process, ensuring compliance with IRS regulations and establishing a solid foundation for long-term success. Additionally, we offer comprehensive representation in all areas described on behalf of for-profit entities, leveraging our extensive experience and expertise to support the missions and objectives of non-profit organizations and community associations.

Intellectual Property
Our firm offers comprehensive intellectual property services aimed at protecting and enforcing our clients’ valuable intellectual assets. From filing for trademark protection to vigorously enforcing protected rights, we provide strategic counsel and representation tailored to each client’s unique needs and objectives. With our in-depth understanding of intellectual property law and commitment to excellence, clients can trust us to safeguard their intellectual property interests and maximize the value of their intangible assets.

In the realm of litigation, our firm offers proactive and strategic representation across a wide range of areas. Whether prosecuting or defending claims, we provide zealous advocacy and meticulous attention to detail to achieve favorable outcomes for our clients. With our comprehensive understanding of various areas of law and our dedication to achieving client objectives, we stand ready to navigate the complexities of litigation and provide effective representation at every stage of the legal process.

The attorneys of LFAP have represented the interests of business, land-owner, and nonprofit clients for over four decades.

Subject Matter Experts



Practice Areas: Business, Real Property

Malia R. Berkheimer


Practice Areas: Transactional Law; Litigation; Real Estate Transactions; Land Use and Development; Municipal Law


Chandra Kiamilev

Practice Areas: Litigation and Dispute Resolution, Employment, Land Use and Property Disputes, Landlord Tenant Disputes; and Business Formation and transactions

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